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Important  for to know that according to Harvard Law and Harvard Medical School study, they found that ½ of all bankruptcies are caused by illness and medical expenses. If you are the breadwinner for himself, or the breadwinner for the family or spouse, and the breadwinner is ill, you may lose your health insurance, and payment method for your everyday expenses.

When you are shopping for a health plan to protect themselves financially from medical bills and bankruptcy, there are many things to consider. Perhaps most importantly, to consider what “type” of plan you get. There are several types of health plans that are available. If you buy a plan that is not “guaranteed”, and “guaranteed issue” You do not buy a basic health plan. Major Medical plans will go through a process called “underwriting.”

Some plans will pay a certain dollar amount for the procedure or specific dollar amount per day, while in the hospital. It is important that you understand the implications financially, if the choice without basic medical plan. Your chance for greater personal losses, including bankruptcy exists with non-major medical plans. If you are shopping price of health insurance, and you decide on a discount plan or a limited liability, then you better understand what your risk if you end up needing to use that “insurance”.

Basic health care plans designed to cover most of your hospital costs if you become hospitalized.

Do you have a disability plan? This type of plan to pay everyday expenses if you lose your job because of injury or illness. This should be a very important factor in obtaining health insurance. If the breadwinner loses their income, wounded or sick, as will be day to day expenses paid?

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