Some of the best Impotence Pills

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There are a variety of impotence pills available in the market. This article will give you a brief description about some of them.

• Viagra: Viagra, a type 5 inhibitor, it is one of the most popular pills across the entire globe. Its was introduced as a pill for treating high blood pressure by Pfizer but later on it was discovered that this pill can help in penile erection. The effect of Prix Viagra online is less if it is consumed with a high-fat content food. It starts working in 30 minutes and it can last for 4 hours. Normal dosage of viagra is 25 mg. to 100 mg. But, you need the doctor’s prescription before you can bur viagra. You can also buy Cialis prix online. It has some side effects like sneezing, headache and heart issues.

• Levitra: Viagra, a PDEF inhibitor, is also a pill used to cure erectile dysfunction. Buyer AG developed it, which is a German based company. The working of levitra is similar to viagra. Normal dosage of levitra is 10 mg.

• Cialis: Cialis, a PDE5 tadafil inhibitor, is another drug used to treat male impotency. It is the most effective drug as it lasts for almost 36 hours. Its chemical composition is quite natural as compared to levitra and viagra. Normal dosage of cialis is 10 mg. It also has some side effects like headache and muscle ache. It is also a prescribed drug so you need the doctor’s prescription to buy it. You can also buy cialis online.

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