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The Future you apply for private health plans to be prepared for various preliminary estimates, the testing procedures to see if the insurer will reject or accept you, including: blood, urine, the presence of alcohol or smoking, and evaluation of your genetic makeup.

In some private healthcare market there is the concept of health insurance medical underwriting. This is due to assess and quantify the prospective applicant who applies for coverage as a potential liability risk to the insurer or a professional underwriter. The process is similar to obtaining a loan at a commercial bank. There are three main types of risk the insurer screen.

(1) physical risk, the main task of the applicant. In this context, the question regarding the health of the insured or proposed disposition to cancer is determined by family history.
(2) moral hazard, the potential insurer will abandon the application process in general, whether explicit or implicit evidence of the complainant engaged in hazardous occupations, sports or occupations.
(3) moral hazard, the insurer is certainly an attempt to avoid speculation the insurance applicant who has a tendency to suicide, criminal behavior, and certain lifestyle habits or tendencies.

For years, insurance companies, based on the belief in several sub-systems derived from the cumulative strategic integration of intelligent machines to make their findings to risk assessment. New technology is currently experimental phase, funded by Kaiser University found statistical methodology to establish and consolidate all three categories of risk in unison in real time to medical underwriting, using genetically calculated risk ranking algorithm. It is very compatible biometric screening applications linked with several relational databases of health. Silicon device uses an infrared sensor touch screen as a biometric identifier, which verifies the integrity of personal genetic profile of the applicant with razor sharp accuracy of certification their fingerprints against federal law enforcement databases, national automated verification and compilation table of DNA repositories.


Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, containing DNA of the plan. One member of each chromosomal pair comes from the mother, the other comes from the father. Each cell in the human body contains a copy of the DNA. The vast majority of DNA differs from person to person, but 0.10 percent of the total human genome will be unique for each person. This is 3 million base pairs of DNA. In clinical studies, this percentile was significant enough to structurally composite valuation of intellectual importance to insurance companies, including approximating personal behavioral tendencies, psychological knowledge, and duration of mortality or morbidity. He was so experienced in the screening of the risk that the law was recently passed to protect workers and the insured applicants from its discriminatory prejudices known as genetic information non-discrimination law. However, the act confused by prepositions, directly or indirectly imposed by health insurance, and Liability Act which places few restrictions on information that can be used HIPPA covered entities.

What does my DNA to my health insurance?

Over the past few decades, insurance carriers started in data warehousing, many of the common DNA database, such as the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, and CODIS mixed-use their own commercial data, such as Ingenix, a physician network, Intelliscript, Medical Information Bureau, and even security Flight Passenger Data collected by Transportation Security Administration. The so-called purpose was to authenticate and with the proviso recent theft of electronic health records the identity, the identity of the applicant’s alibi insurance companies for the operation and get away with it, while at the same time create a more robust system of underwriting. Just remember, next time you visit a GP you have signed a petition form to allow all parties to control your help to share knowledge about your health, which in exceptional circumstances, grant special permits for all parties above.

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