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Great Security Basics in Information Management

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Since 1996, Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In this case, entered into force, there were no significant changes in how people approached patient care plans. The diagnosis of a patient or a treatment plan will no longer be discussed at the table. If anyone in the field without the need for appropriate, the meeting was held behind closed doors in a conference room. We are currently focusing on the privacy of patients and protect their health.

HIPAA training was offered and is offered annually and employees in the orientation for new employees. As technology has grown as the requirements for information management. We want to hear the history of computers stolen, which lists the names, Social Security numbers and addresses of leaving people open to identity theft. Once again, HIPAA training has been strengthened to include not only information about health, but what to do to protect your computer and hard drive.

We would like to adapt to new technologies, as he came, and we continue to grow as technology grows. In some places, no longer able to use memory cards in their computers. If you have access to personal information to someone and work in a hospital you can not use a memory card into your computer to store information. This was mostly due to the many people trying to breaking and entering into the computer system to obtain the names and other personal information to identity theft. Digital signatures are used for e-mail message with HIPAA.

Security basics down to something important that needs protection. Look at the bank, you only need a password to access the information. If you were to pull out money, then you will need ID and PIN. There are security methods that can detect when someone has gained access to valuable information. With the help of an audit or alarm system can alert someone to another person, when I was there in the long run. This is another reason for maintaining HIPAA training.

Not everyone knows that is private and should be protected and what is available to anyone that is necessary and the very thing to determine is the difference. When you know the difference is easier to maintain the security of information and computers.

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