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Important Protecting Patient Information

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All people  has heard of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA and the rules that go with the subject. Regulations are designed to protect electronic protected health information (ePHI). For those who are, if you do that working with computers to understand how easy it is to obtain information for the eyes to see, while your screen and open. It covers the likes of the information stored on a hard drive or CD-ROM or file servers.

Although health insurance, and Liability Act was enacted by Congress in 1996, when technology took off was quickly realized that something more had to be done to protect patient information. Security rules come into force in early 2005. It was then, when there was a big push for electronic handheld devices.

Privacy has become such a big problem that you’ll hear things like identity theft and theft of laptops even Shredded paper identifies the time together to get a Social Security number to someone. All we can do to protect ourselves we are doing. The first step for those who are to receive HIPAA training. So, you know what is and is not protected health information. In addition, you will know who and what information you can give and they give examples that make it easy for you to understand and see the difference.

The most important thing to remember that we are not so freely give out information that we use to be “mom” does not want everyone to know why she is in hospital. “Uncle Joe” wants her to himself that there are personal problems, and little Jimmy does not want his friends knew that he could be consulted. Remembering these things were part of the restaurant conversation, and now we’re talking about the latest technologies and how to keep up with him.

It feels good to know that when I go to the doctors that I am not an office a call if I have something strange going on. Before it used to be that everything will come to see the problem and make its recommendations and observations. Our children will have more privacy with HIPAA and HIPAA training, they will appreciate what has been done for them.